ATX’s Best Places for Cold Treats

ATX’s Best Places for Cold Treats

Today is National Ice Cream Day 2019, so I thought what a better time to update my ATX’s Best Places for Cold Treats post. πŸ™‚ Here are just a few of the best options in Austin. Please click each business name for direct link to locations, hours, menus and more.

Creamistry.Β For those of you who have not had the entire experience that is made to order N7 (liquid nitrogen) ice cream making and tasting you would be remiss not to visit Creamistry stat! Choose your size (one “scoop” or two) and base (milk, organic, sorbet, coconut), select a flavor and toppings and watch the magic happen! A Nitro-shake is never a bad option either. All fresh ingredients; gluten free and vegan options available. Two Austin area locations: Lakeway and Round Rock.

The live action! Liquid nitrogen!
ATX's Best Places for Cold Treats
Peanut butter cup candy with coconut dairy-free base in a waffle bowl.

Lick. Self-proclaimed “Homemade Local Goodness.” ALL cream and milk come from a Texas, family-owned dairy located in McGregor (just outside of Waco). ALL other ingredients – honey, fruits, herbs, veggies, etc. – are harvested and purchased from artisans all across the Hill Country. Lick offers very creative flavor combinations such as Coconut Chia Chai, Goat Cheese Thyme and Honey, Roasted Beets and Fresh Mint…all are great! Be sure to check their seasonal offerings. Dairy free and vegan options available. Four Austin locations: Lamar Union, Mueller, O.G. Burnett Road, and The Scoop Truck located at Lazaurus Brewing. Pints and ice cream sandwiches also now available at select Austin locales, including but not limited to Infamous Brewery, HEB SoCo, Oz. Tap House. Click HERE to view the finder map.

ATX's Best Places for Cold Treats
Vegan Black Sesame Black Rice in a cake cone. Mmmm!

Frost. The beautiful displays of their vast offerings of gelato is enough to tantalize even the fullest of tummies. And, if it makes you feel any better, think of it as low fat ice cream (approximately 132-180 versus 280 calories per swerving)….only so much better! Personally, Frost is my favorite gelateria in Austin. They import almost all of their ingredients from Italy to make the product as authentic and traditional as possible. Each time I indulge in Frost, I immediately become reminiscent of my time in Florence. Brava! Fat-free and dairy-free sorbet options available. Two Austin area locations: The Domain and Hill Country Galleria.

Small Lotus flavor. Was lucky enough to score a cookie!

SnoMo. Formerly called Snow Monster, this Taiwanese specialty treat took Austin by storm and people still cannot seem to get enough. They offer the most amazing Snow Ice. Some of you might be asking, “what the heck is Snow Ice?” Well, it’s not ice cream; it’s not a snow cone; it’s not like Hawaiian or Italian shaved ice. It has a very unique texture and look…super thin layers of frozen cotton candy is the best way I can explain it…just not as sweet. Soy based, dairy-free and vegan options available. Definitely earns a spot on the ATX’s Best Places for Cold Treats list. Three Austin area locations: O.G. on N. Lamar, Lakeway, and inside H-Mart Lakeline.

Strawberry with fresh fruit and condensed milk.

Teo. Teo is housed in an adorably cute “cafe” with large outdoor seating complete with fireplace. They have several wonderful flavors of gelato and a few dairy-free Sorbetto options (fruit flavors). Their gelato has been given honors several times, including People’s Choice Award from the Gelato World Tour 2016 and Top 5 in the Gelato World Tour Finals 2014. They also offer a variety of coffee and tea options, as well as paninis and a few other snacks if your hungry is not satiated from the cold, sweet goodies. One Austin location: W. 38th Street. Now availabe in HEB stores. Click HERE to find a store near you.

ATX's Best Places for Cold Treats
Dairy and fat free lemon sorbetto.

Sweet Ritual. This shop has been featured on several TV shows featuring Austin’s best, so I would be absolutely remiss not to include them. Not only because of the media presence, but because their 100% vegan ice creams are so good. Whereas most places only have a couple dairy free choices, Sweet Ritual provides over a dozen options all the time, plus additional rotating seasonal flavors. All flavors are scratch made, in-house. Just as creamy as any milk-based varieties. I would put money on a blind taste test with the pickiest of eaters. One Austin location: Airport Blvd.

Sweet Ritual
Vegan mint chocolate chip in vegan cake cone.

Amy’s Ice Creams. Frankly, Amy’s is an Austin institution. There lovingly called “Scoops” (aka employees) have been serving up cold and creamy yumminess since 1984. All of Amy’s goods are handcrafted using the finest ingredients. They offer ice cream, dairy-free fruit ices, froyo, and ice cream cakes to the masses of adoring fans. A must try is their famous Mexican Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. It might change your life. Twelve Austin area locations; click HERE to view full list.

ATX's Best Places for Cold Treats
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Anti Social Ice Cream.Β Want some delicious dairy-free ice cream with one of the best views in Austin? Anti Social Ice Cream is an absolute must! Located in the Oasis, TX complex overlooking beautiful Lake Travis it really is #foodwithaview. πŸ™‚ They have the creamiest soft serve and if you can’t choose a scoop from any of their six amazing flavors (vary), may I suggest a flight of them all in a cone…only 8$! [Prices subject to change.] I highly recommend a visit and tip their friendly staff because “being kind is cool.” One Austin location: Comanche Trail; Texas Hill Country.

Anti Social Cream Co
Why choose just one flavor?

Prohibition Creamery. Want a little booze in your ice cream? There’s even a place for that. Prohibition Creamery stuns with flavors like Prickly Pear Mezcal, Whiskey Chocolate, and more. They also make boozy milkshakes and floats and offer a very creative cocktail menu. Featured on the Food Network as one of “The Craziest, Most-Over-the-Top Desserts in the Country,” I would not disagree. If it’s on the menu (varies), I highly recommend ordering the Black Magic (charcoal). One Austin location: East 7th Street.

Prohibition Creamery
Because “a little bourbon won’t hurt”


If you have visited any of the establishments listed above, please feel free to leave a comment. If there are any places you think I should add to the ATX’s Best Places for Cold Treats list, please let me know. Feedback is always welcomed!

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