Doggy Beef Bone Broth

Doggy Beef Bone Broth

I’ve been drinking bone broth daily for years to help reduce inflammation and joint pain, support a healthy gut, aid in digestion, and so many more overall health benefits. When my senior dog started having a really difficult time with his hinds quarters – despite taking glucosamine and omega 3 supplements, anti-inflammatory and eventually arthritis medications, daily massage and at home PT – a lightbulb went off! If bone broth is good for me, I wonder what it can do for my 55lb furbaby? So, I decided to make and share this simple procedure for Doggy Beef Bone Broth. E just turned 16 years young April 2021!

There are many store bought brands to choose from (both for humans and now I know for canines as well; I guess I didn’t invent the concept after all…lol!); however, all pail in comparison to homemade. Doggy Beef Bone Broth is very easy to make (albeit a long process; not labor intensive), it is much less expensive than premium brands, you control all aspects of what’s in the finished product (and what’s not; sodium, etc.), including using only the best quality bones that are high in collagen.


Doggy Beef Bone Broth

Beef bone broth is as healthy for your furbabies as it is for you! So many health benefits, especially for seniors that need help with mobility. Easy and inexpensive to make.
Course Health
Cuisine Dog
Keyword beef bone broth
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cost $5


  • 7 qt slow cooker
  • Spider strainer
  • Large bowl
  • spatula
  • Two standard ice cube trays (16 cubes each)
  • Large measuring cup with pour spout


  • ~2 lbs beef bones best types are knuckles, femur, marrow, and even oxtail (more expensive though)
  • <1 gallon spring water tap is fine; however, I have very hard water which can contribute to kidney stones


  • So simple! Place beefs bones in slow cooker. Add water; cover bones ~1 to 2". Cook on low setting for at least 48 hours; up until 72 until you can visibly seen a thick collagen layer on top (don't remove the lid until done).
  • Allow to cool slightly. Remove bones - take care to remove any small fragments that might have separated. Pour strained broth into bowl and cover. Place in refrigerator overnight.
  • Remove bowl from the refrigerator. Immediately, carefully skim off congealed fat with the spatula and discard.
  • Allow broth to get back to room temp so you can pour it. At this stage, it is like gelatin.
  • Pour broth into large measuring cup. Fill ice cube trays with broth, fully freeze, and put them is zipper bag for storage.
  • Average suggested serving range*:
    <20lbs - 1 cube per day
    20 to 40lbs - 2 cubes per day
    50 to 80lbs - 4 cubes per day
    >80lbs - 6 cubes per day


*My dog fluctuates between 45 and 55lbs. I used to give him 2 cubes a day; however, his stool was loose. I give him one cube per day, either taken out in the morning to melt or microwaved and served with lunch. In reality, most dogs can eat the cubes frozen without harm. They are VERY desirable. E perks up at lunch when he sees the small ramekin! It is definitely one of the highlights of his day. 🙂 In the end, monitor your dog to see what the best portion control is for him/her. 
NOTE: Unlike when I make bone broth for myself, using tons of aromatics, veg, and the like, plain bone broth has a rather...unpleasant as it cooks down. It is SO worth it though. Please give me any and all feedback. 
Doggy Beef Bone Broth
After 72 hours on low using beef knuckle bones.
Carefully remove and discard congealed fat.

Doggy Beef Bone Broth
Allow broth to come to room temp, carefully fill ice trays, and freeze.
Store in bag.

Unlike when I make bone broth for myself, using tons of aromatics, veg, and the like, plain bone broth has a rather…unpleasant …lol…smell as it cooks down. It is SO worth it though. Please give me any and all feedback. I’d love to hear from you!

Save a life! <3

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