Howdy Little Big Burger: Welcome to the ATX

Howdy Little Big Burger: Welcome to the ATX

Disclosure: I received a complimentary dining experience at Little Big Burger – Austin. All opinions are my own.

High energy interior; sleek and fun

Little Big Burger indeed! Born in the other U.S. city that tries to “keep ___ weird,” Portland’s good food fast establishment opened its doors in trending East Austin about a month ago and are thriving. The fun and funky meets industrial vibe fits well with the area, as well as the goods they offer. The staff have already mastered the charm of southern hospitality by happily greeting each customer as they enter.

Service with a smile!

The menu is quite affordable for high quality cooked to order burgers and fries. Their KISS approach menu is brilliant, and makes choosing so much easier, especially for a person like myself who can be indecisive at times. 1/4 pound Angus Burger (or veggie patty), without or with cheese: chose of cheddar, swiss, chévre, bleu, or pepperjack ranging from a mere $4.5 – 5 is almost a steal. They also offer the option of adding a few other toppings for a nominal charge: double meat, extra cheese, add bacon (yes on the latter for me please). AND, unlike other casual joints, the burgers are ordered to the temperature of your liking: medium, medium-well, or well-done. Truffle or not to truffle perfectly crispy fries? You can’t make a bad decision IMHO.

Getting up close and personal

It only takes a minute to quickly figure out how the founders decided on a name for their restaurant. The burgers are deceptively small at first sight; however, after you sit down and wrap your hands around one of these juicy creations you quickly realize the thickness and bounty you have received. If the featured single above doesn’t satisfy, just add another 1/4lb for only 2 bucks! 😉 Just beware of meat sweats. The struggle is real.

From top left to right: Topo Chico, fries, bacon and bleu cheese burger, Austin craft ZOE brew, LLB’s special “Fry Sauce,” bacon and chévre burger, and truffle fries. And theeen, if that’s not enough – or even if it is – do not hesitate to order a Root Beer Float made with Austin’s own Amy’s amazing vanilla bean ice cream. So yummy. Boy oh boy do they know how to do it ALL right!

Yes you are!

They offer several beverages to choose from: Topo Chico, fountain drinks, and local craft beers and cider. Cheers to that! What are you waiting for?!

1630 E 6th Street
Austin, TX 78702







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