Twisted Texas Tour: Live Music & Brewery

Twisted Texas Tour: Live Music & Brewery

Disclaimer: I attended a free Live Music and Brewery Tour from Twisted Texas. All opinions are my own.

Like craft beer? Like live music? Like to have fun? Of course you do! Twisted Texas’ Live Music and Brewery tour is for you! I’ve been on several brewery tours before, where a group of 6-10 people were escorted from brewery to brewery in a utility van (one was even in an golf buggy – ha!), and they were enjoyable. However, nothing compares to the “Keepin’ Austin Weird” vibe and funky good times to be had on a Twisted Texas tour! Such a creative, unique experience that is sure to please locals and visitors alike in the “Live Music Capital of the World.” According to Meagan Fritts, the founder/owner/CEO of Twisted Texas, “Guests will experience local music, without the hassle of trolling the streets to find it. Not to mention that Austin’s craft breweries are one of our favorite things about our city, so getting to visit them without driving or planning…it’s [the tour] a win-win.” I couldn’t agree more!

On the day of my tour, I joined others at Waller Creek Pub House. Arrived early to check in with the TT host, and met some fellow adventurers and enjoyed a pre-tour libation before boarding the colorful bus.

Fun bus!

Our guide for the day was the spirited Tyson Dhye…or Tie Dye if your prefer. He did a great job hyping everyone up, and made sure all were accounted for (no man or woman left behind!). Boarded and walked past a full three piece band (yup, complete with guitars and drums) and took a comfy seat. After a few suggested “rules,” introductions, and a brief itinerary we were off on our 3 hour tour! Woot woot!

The jams began right away and strangers quickly became friends, singing with arms waving in the air along to some popular cover tunes en route to brewery numero uno – which on that day was Austin Beerworks (breweries visited vary and rotate).

Live music…these guys rocked!

On the way to AB, all guests were given a beer menu and a piece of paper to choose brew selections for a full flight (included in tour ticket). As soon as we arrived, Tie took all the orders to the front of the line and each person waited for their name to be called. In the meantime, some people grabbed food from the on-site truck. Others, like me, surfed merch for sale (“Hi, my name is Dawn and I’m a shopaholic.”). I scored some complimentary AB stickers and temporary tattoos. 🙂

Choosing flight tastings in advance for Austin Beerworks

The newly(ish; within the last year) remodeled and expanded AB is a massive space with lots of indoor and outdoor seating. At any given time they have about a dozen or so brews on tap, including their core, seasonal, and limited editions. The group had approximately 45 minutes to take in all the sites and enjoy the tasty beers.

Order counter and taps
Very nice flight of 4
Couple of AB exterior tanks with popular logo on them

Great experience, great beers! AB is a longtime, well-established North Austin craft staple with a hop-centric focus, but also offer many other varieties sure to please anybody’s palate.

Click here to visit the brewery

Very well organized stop and then back on the bus. Wheels rolling, onto brewery numero dos of the day, Friends & Allies across town. Continued rocking out to the live music. Guests from different groups shared snacks they had brought (from me beer flavored Jelly Bellys – I know, who knew? – among other things), tossing things across the bus. It was definitely some grownup fun – kind of like a half-day road trip.

Friends & Allies Brewery

Arrived at relatively newcomer to the Austin craft beer scene (~ 1 year) F&A and were dropped off in short distance from the entrance. Our group walked right into the the brewing area, no line, and various cold beers tasters were waiting for us. Very nice! After we all congregated at bar tables, we received an informative talk by a F&A staff member explaining the processes and were given a “point and explain” brewery tour.

Tasters ready for us to create individual flights, plus chose one from menu
Brewery talk and tour
My flight of 4

F&A is a great, smaller brewery that employs West Coast techniques and they self-distribute. A great addition to East Austin. Click here to visit brewery.

Brewery order counter and merch
Distributed cans…what to look for!

All aboard! Headed back to Waller Creek. A tad bittersweet that the journey was coming to an end; however, it was actually the perfect voyage. Everybody was just “hoppy” enough and the drive back was part of the best of the day. Such camaraderie, kinship, and we were letting it all loose (while continuing to be responsible adults of course – lol!). Beer people really are the best kind in my humble opinion. Add live tunes and a chauffeur and your guaranteed a great time! Highly recommend! Come on…”take a ride on the weird side!” I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Cheers to the shared love of good beers!

Our wonderful group and host!

A few tips:

  • Music and Brewery tours currently available of Saturdays only; departs at 3pm. Tickets are $55 p/p and include 2 brewery stops/tours and tasters at each.
  • Take a lunchbox-sized cooler (no larger) with you. I suggest bottled water, light snacks, and yes, even a couple of beers. Depending on which breweries you visit, you might spend more time on the bus than expected (trust me, that’s not a bad a thing!) and a cold one might hit the spot in-between. Meagan hits the nail on the head when stating, “It’s a crazy fun experience, the idea that getting there is now half the fun rather than an inconvenience. Even traffic just gives the band an excuse to play one more song!”
  • Wear comfy clothing, including closed-toed shoes as you might be waking through some gravel lots (nothing worse than getting rocks and sand in your sandals, right?) AND due to health codes you will not be able to enter actually brewing areas with you Fred Flinstones showing.
  • Bring cash for tips: the host, driver, band, and brewery peeps.
  • Drink responsibly and consider public transportation to and from the meetup spot.
  • Don’t be a dud! Be prepared to make new friends and let your freak flag fly!

***On a personal note, I must give additional praise to Meagan for her commitment to one of the things that makes Austin so great – our plethora of musicians. An added bonus to the Music and Brewery tour is that it allows Meagan the “…opportunity of being able to support Austin’s live music scene by offering paying gigs to local musicians. A lot of people talk about how we are losing this music scene, as the cost of living goes through the roof, and more and more people lose interest in paying even a small cover to see a show. Not only are we hiring these bands, but we also take donations during booking that go to the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM). It is an honor to be able to give back and support the scene that has done so much for our city.” Brava madame! Keep Austin rockin’!

For more information and to purchase tickets, please click here. Advance reservations recommended, as tours do fill up quickly.

Meagan has recently added a Brunch Bus, so check that out if it’s your “jam.” I’m really looking forward to it! Enter promo code DAWNATX for 10% off Brunch Bus tickets if booked before February 28th (sorry, no current discounts for brewery tours). Enjoy!


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