Spartan Pizza – A lil slice of New York “inspiration” in ATX

Spartan Pizza – A lil slice of New York “inspiration” in ATX

Transplanted from New York, the husband and wife team Jeremy and Nicole Portwood ran a very successful vintage food “bus” in downtown Austin since 2009. Their passion for food inspired them to expand, so they opened a B&M in March 2015 on revamped, trendy East 6th Street in the Corazon Building. When asked about the difference between being in a truck versus B&M, Jeremy stated, “Running our business in a B&M is not that different from a foundational standpoint. We have always focused on the quality of our product, excellent customer service and being fast and reliable. Our move to the B&M was essential because we were outgrowing our trailer; we had reached our ceiling. Our B&M has given us more visibility, more space for growth, more consistency and efficiency. I believe the B&M is much more rewarding. The food trailer movement allowed us to ease into the restaurant business and deserves respect but “graduating” into an actual store definitely gives us a real sense of accomplishment thus far.”

Now they have the ability to create and serve up “inventive pizza that won’t leave you feeling heavy, sandwiches that crush the craving, and salads that are substantial enough for a meal, but light enough for any diet (-SP)” Check. Check. And check! The restaurant is small, but mighty. With limited counter and table seating (and some outdoor), warm wood tones contrasted by the stainless in the fully exposed kitchen (including a cool refurbed 1960something Blodgett oven), the space is inviting and cozy without feeling crowded. And so, the success continues.

Salads and sandies are great; however, I am all in it for the pizza when I make the trek to Spartan. The crust is what I would describe as New York “inspired.” Certainly thin; however, with a slightly more crispy bite than the foldable Big Apple variety – but, not to be confused with super thin, cracker like crust. They have created the perfect in-between. Truly artisanal, as are many of their imported ingredients that they cut and slice fresh every single day. Only the freshest of vegetables are used, and the highest quality meats and cheeses. The attention to detail really reflects in the presentation and flavor.


All of Spartan’s pies are named after names from Greek mythology like the Medusa, Pegasus, Adonis, Perseus, and more.┬áThe almighty ZEUS (rumored to be their most popular specialty pizza) is loaded with tons of fresh spinach (love!), brushed with roasted garlic oil (not over-powering), bits of crispy bacon, sliced tomatoes, and milky mozzarella that is…well…Godly. I honestly do not think you could go wrong with any of Spartan’s offerings. The customer service is great, the food is fantastic, and you can wash it down with a choice of select local craft brew (can, bottle, or draft). A great place for lunch, or to start or end an evening out (open until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays!).

As far as being embraced by the Austin community, Jeremy enthusiastically added, “Thank you for your support, open hearts and loyalty! It takes an open heart and mind to try something new. People also spend their money based on their beliefs and we believe a lot of the support comes from our customers wanting to support a locally owned business. We are not setting the pizza world on fire here. We are simply sharing our love of food and the basics of good service with people. It is amazing that we have made it this far because the restaurant business is so difficult to survive, especially when you start from scratch. We couldn’t do it without our Spartan community and so many people have shown us love and support over the years. That is the reason we are in a B&M and still growing.” As for me, “these are Sparta’s walls” and I like what’s in them!

Eat in, carry out , & delivery available. To order online click here.

Seal of goodness.

1007 E 6th Street
Austin, TX 78702

***Enter garage on San Marcos for parking – they validate!

Monday – Thursday 11am -10pm
Friday – Saturday 11am – 3am
Sunday 12pm – 9pm


Instagram & Twitter: @spartanpizzaatx

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