Sorellina Pizzeria – real deal artisanal pies and salumi

Sorellina Pizzeria – real deal artisanal pies and salumi


Apis’ sister restaurant, Sorellina Pizzeria, doors opened March 2017. If you haven’t been yet, what are you waiting for? Located a mere 35 to 40 minutes outside of Austin in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Sorellina offers eats like no other. The have a very unique concept: all meats are aged in-house for at least one year, then they are hand sliced for each salumi plate and pie topping. The delectable salumi is made from trapped (fed out) wild boar in nearby Clay County. They offer very authentic Italian cuisine.

The high arched building is adorable and rustic with lots of windows for natural lighting. The staff are friendly and surprisingly knowledgeable about all products and processes of the meats. There is also a huge outdoor seating area with picnic tables and a hen house where they collect eggs to use in their open kitchen, complete with wood burning oven. The environment is really relaxing and definitely enhances the country vibe.

Nice folks saying hi! Dining and bar area.
Completely open kitchen; wood burning custom pizza oven.
Outdoor seating with hen coops.

The menu consists of a few hot and cold “salads,” a choice of five different salumi boards ($5 each), and Neapolitan style 12″ “signature” (no substitutions) and “simple” pizzas that can be modified to your liking (e.g., add additional toppings such as fresh mozzarella, garlic roasted oyster mushrooms, TerraPurezza soft-cooked egg…). They stock only the highest quality ingredients available.

All of the housemade wild boar salumi are delightful! In my opinion, the cured meats are what make a visit to Sorellina such a special experience. They are an absolute must order for me, either as an amuse-bouche prior to pizza or even as a very light snack with a glass of wine if in the area. The Finocchina (Nov2015) with dried orange and fennel nuances and the the younger Alto (Jan2016) seasoned with bay leaf and juniper both magically melt on your tongue. Full of fatty goodness, but not greasy, a very delectable indulgence. If you want something a little more firm, the Lonza (Aug2015) loin muscle is brined with pepper and garlic and has a slightly “gamy” kick to it. Bene!

Lonza salumi and a Belgian-style brew
Finocchiona and Alto salumi, Verde pizza, Austin craft beer

Their dough is also special. It is now aged to 10 years, started with a “sourdough mother” out of NYC. The dough is made fresh daily and allowed to cure for three days before topping and baking. Every attention to detail at Sorellina is not overlooked. The result is a soft crust with perfectly crispy edges. Now all you have to do is decide on what to put on it. The signature N’duja Sausage with slightly spicy Calabrian chili, assorted salumi, fresh cherry tomatoes, and big spoonfuls of creamy stracciatella cheese is fully loaded and will put a smile on any carnivore’s face. The balance of tang, salt, smoke, and heat makes it a favorite for sure. If you want something a little more on the lighter side, the Verde with fresh pea and walnut pesto, loads of fresh, slightly bitter arrowleaf spinach, pressed, salted, and dried ricotta salata served with a lemon wedge for drizzling simply pops the taste buds with an explosion of flavors that compliment one another so well and is not like anything I have ever had before. Vegetarian perfection at an establishment known for their meats? You bet!

N’duja sausage pizza
Margherita pizza, add smoked pork jowl bacon.

Select local craft beers available, just over a dozen wines by the glass or bottle (~$8 glass), and a few pre-made draft cocktails to choose from.

Dine in and takeout available. It is casual counter service, but if you need anything else, simply raise the nifty flag on the table and you get follow-up service for food and drinks. Saluti!


Order at counter
Limited table service

23526 HWY 71 West
‘Building B’
Spicewood, Texas 78669

Wednesday & Thursday 5PM-9PM
Friday & Saturday 5PM-10PM
Sunday 12PM-8PM
CLOSED Monday & Tuesday

To Go: 737-222-6010


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