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Halloween Brains: Perfect Addition To Your Table

Halloween Brains: Perfect Addition To Your Table

I always try to have fun in the kitchen, especially when trying to create unique eats for special celebrations. There are a million different Halloween Brains recipes out there (e.g., using spaghetti, cake, minced meats, shrimp, rice crisp cereal, etc), including gelatin of course. I added a few tiny twists to make the “brain” more realistic [sadly the pics don’t do it justice]. The addition of milk makes the “brain” appear more flesh-like and somehow creates a texture very different than JELL-O alone. If you’ve ever actually consumed brains, the creamy mouthfeel is there and with a bit of graininess reminiscent of sweetbreads. I have to admit it’s actually kind of gross, but so “in the spirit.” Lol. This super simple and funky food is a great ghoulish addition to your Halloween table.

All you need to make Halloween Brains are the few ingredients below, about 10 minutes to prep, and at least 4 hours to set. A crowd pleaser for sure!


  • 1 plastic brain mold
  • vegetable cooking spray
  • 1 – [at least] 4 cup capacity glass measuring cup with handle and pour spout
  • 1 – 3oz box JELL-O Brand cherry gelatin
  • 1 – 3oz box JELL-O Brand peach gelatin
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups milk [I used 2% lactose-free, but can use regular]
  • Red food coloring


Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Pour both packs of gelatin into measuring cup. Carefully add boiling water to cup and stir continuously until all gelatin has completely dissolved (approximately 3 minutes). Add 2 cups of COLD milk to the measuring cup and stir until combined.

Spray the brain mold generously with vegetable oil. Add 7-10 drops of food coloring beginning on edges of top of mold, allowing them to slide down to create the appearance of arteries. VERY SLOWLY pour gelatin mixture into mold, trying to avoid disturbing the “arteries” too much.

Place mold in the refrigerator and let cool until firm – approximately 4 hours [can be left overnight].

After set, remove mold from refrigerator. GENTLY tilt mold and lightly jiggle, turning the mold in a circle until you are sure all sides have released from mold. Place a plate on top of mold, hold mold firmly, and invert. Gently lift mold off of gelatin BRAINZ! Enjoy!

Serves 8+

Serving suggestion – with a side of fava beans and chianti 😉 [I know it’s supposed to be liver]
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