Treaty Oak: Whiskey Cocktails and Fishtails

Treaty Oak: Whiskey Cocktails and Fishtails

Disclosure: I attended a complimentary half day sipping beverages, eating great food, and practicing fly fishing at Treaty Oak: Whiskey Cocktails and Fishtails on June 22, 2019. All opinions are my own.

For those of you who have never been to Treaty Oak’s beautiful 28 acre property in Dripping Springs, dined at their restaurant, or sipped their spirits, you should add them to your must visit list. They are one of the oldest distilleries in the Lone Star State after all. For those of you who haven’t been in a while, several new and exciting changes have occurred. It’s time to go back!

Last year Treaty Oak Distilling decided to focus solely on perfecting their production of gins and whiskeys (no longer produce vodka, etc.). Around that time I had the wonderful opportunity of helping break in the newly constructed, air conditioned, Texas-charmed “Cocktail Lab” and experience everything about their gins. For more information visit Treaty Oak Distilling: Sneak Peak Gin-too the Cocktail Lab. My most recent visit was all about whiskey and the sport of catching and eating fish, collaborated with Duck Camp Co.

Treaty Oak seasonal drink

Sometimes life is so peachy keen! I had a great time last Saturday at Treaty Oak: Whiskey Cocktails and Fishtails special event.

I was greeted in the Cocktail Lab with a delicious seasonal cocktail (recipe towards bottom of page). The wonderful TO crew introduced themselves and provided some information about their three whiskey choices: Red Handed Bourbon Whiskey, Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon Whiskey, Red Handed Rye Whiskey. Click each variety for detailed information.

Next we got a tasting of each. Yes, the whiskeys can be used to make delicious cocktails; however, they are very enjoyable sipped.

After tastings, it was time for the the staff of on-site Alice’s Restaurant to escort the group to the distillery for more whiskey and lunch. Had a perfect old fashioned and received a brief “how to” (recipe toward bottom of page), while Chef was cooking some super fresh trout using blackened seasoning and garam masala. The smell was absolutely intoxicating.

The light, flaky, and slightly spicy fish was served on a bed of rice with cooked radishes and bright chimichurri sauce. All of the flavors and textures were so developed and complimented the fish without overpowering it. Bravo! The best fish I’ve had (outside of sushi – lol) in a very very long time.

Lunch is served!

If that wasn’t enough fun for one day, after lunch it was out to the grounds for some fly fishing instruction and practice by Lee Fenner and the guys from Duck Camp Co.

Duck Camp Co
Practicing casting fly fishing rods

Hat’s off to everyone who put the Cocktails and Fishtails event together. By far one of the best, and certainly most interesting, events I have attended. Thanks so much for hosting. Cheers!

Be sure to check Treaty Oak’s calendar often to look for special events.

Southern Peach recipe
Old Fashioned recipe

16604 Fitzhugh Road
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Thursday [only Alice’s restaurant open] & Friday 4-9pm, Saturday noon-9pm, Sunday noon-6pm

Reservations can be made by clicking HERE. Available on Saturdays hourly at 1-6pm; duration 45 minutes. $15 p/p.





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Let’s explore a bit of the property:

Cocktail Lab

The Rickhouse – casual open air space to enjoy cocktails and craft beers
Alice’s Restaurant – a casual, order at the counter eatery

Live music stage
Corn hole and other outdoor fun
Their beautiful new garden

The distillery
Merch and bottles to go shop


Among the many things I absolutely love about Treaty Oak is their commitment to sustainability. From everything they serve in the restaurant, the ingredients they use in the liquors, and the way  they have developed all of their processes to actually help the environment is mind-boggling impressive. Here’s is just a snippet of how Treaty Oak minimizes their carbon footprint and gives back to Mother Earth as stated by the lovely, intelligent, and highly passionate Jamie Biel – Director of Science and Sustainability:

WATER: Efficient use of water, rainwater collection, plans to capture storm water with berms and swells to prevent erosion and recharge aquifer, constructed wetland for wastewater treatment and reuse, low-water (xeric) native flora planted on site promotes biodiversity and water conservation. Will use treated wastewater for irrigation, dust suppression, and aquifer recharge.

WASTE: Recycling, compost, plant-based plastic cups and utensils that are compostable and recyclable; spent grain picked up by a local farmer for food stock; bartering with local farmers in exchange for honey, eggs, meat.

FARM TO TABLE: Growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs on site to be used in Alice’s Restaurant, botanicals for gins, and cocktail program. Aquaponics (closed-loop system with fish providing nutrients for plant roots, plants filter water for fish, both can be harvested for use in the restaurant.

CARBON NEUTRALITY: Will plant a tree for each barrel sold. Local ingredients means less carbon associated with transport.


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